With COVID-19 here, many companies, both big and small, have turned to offering deep discounts as a thanks to first responders, health care personel and frontline workers.

I have tried to gather as many as possible; in no particular order. Some of these may not be available in every area. Also, many include grocery store workers, firefighters, military and EMT! (Remember these can end, or extend, at any time.)

Click each link to read any fine print, how to verify or additional details.

  1. Crocs is offering a free pair of shoes (including the shipping!) Simply “get in line” everyday at noon.
  2. Starbucks is offering a FREE tall coffee (iced or hot). Just show your badge.
  3. Krispy Kreme is offering a FREE dozen doughnuts every Monday until May
  4. Circle K is offering a FREE Polar Pop fountain drink, coffee or tea with proof of your employee badge.
  5. FITcrunch is asking for nominations to send a care package of wipes, snack bars and a note.
  6. Real Good Foods is offering care packages. Just fill out a form.
  7. Saffron Road is asking you to nominate your favorite frontline person (including grocery workers!) for a FREE meal or snack.
  8. Snickers is offering a FREE snickers!
  9. Checkers & Rally’s is offering 9 different FREE meals for you to choose from at 250 locations.
  10. Cumberland is following in the FREE hot or iced coffee footsteps.
  11. Bojangles is giving away its legendary ice tea, FREE until June 10th
  12. Wawa is also offering FREE coffee (of ANY size)
  13. McDonalds is offering your (one) choice of 3 breakfast and 3 lunch/dinner meals, FREE until May 5th.
  14. Nandos is offering a FREE 1/4 chicken with chips until May 3rd
  15. White Castle is offering combos 1-6 or any breakfast FREE until April 30th.
  16. Down Dog, Yoga For Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout Brands are offering their services FREE until July 1st.
  17. Nurses House is offering grants to nurses in need during COVID-19 for medical, mortgage/rent and other needs.
  18. Fjolk is offering a FREE pair of shoes to healthcare workers. Simply email together@fjolk.com with your choice/size/address.
  19. Glowforge wants to give you FREE ear savers.
  20. Barco is offering to give away 10,000 scrubs a month. Not just for you, but for your whole unit!
  21. Bearpaw wants 1000 nominees to have comfy warm feet.
  22. Samsung is offering FREE repairs and battery replacements (including shipping) until June 30th
  23. Sprint is offering many perks for healthcare workers including Tidal, Hulu, Prepaid cards and more.
  24. Care.com is offering a FREE 30 day subscription
  25. Sittercity is offering a FREE 3 month subscription.
  26. Rexpay wants to send out as many sanitizing wipes as possible to organization. They also have links for PPE.
  27. Mask Match is offering to send you a FREE mask.
  28. Dhvani is also offering to send you a FREE mask
  29. Tide wants to clean your laundry, FREE, until May 9th
  30. Trust & Will wants to make sure you are covered with a FREE Will-based estate plan
  31. Health Stream is offering 47 FREE COVID 19 courses
  32. Delta Airlines is offering FREE flights for nurses headed to specific areas to help fight COVID-19
  33. Door Dash is giving away FREE Dash Pass to all hospital workers
  34. Genghis Grill is offering 20% off for healthcare workers
  35. Hooters is giving 20% off orders- and they are including truckers!
  36. Progressive is giving up to $50 off your next Uber Eats order.
  37. Long John Silvers is offering 20% off till May 31st (including truckers, teachers and military)
  38. Home Chef is offering 50% off your first order and 10% off each additional
  39. Adidas is offering 40% off (military too)
  40. ASICS is offering 60% off full priced items.
  41. Ably Apparel is offering 25% off orders. Use code GIVING
  42. Medelita is offering 30% off orders. Use code FRONTLINES
  43. Thistle is offering 10% off delivery’s for the next 8 weeks with code HOSPITALHEROES
  44. Clarks is offering 50% off orders (including military, teachers and airline employees)
  45. Danform Shoes is giving 20% off orders with the code SUPERHERO20
  46. Reebok is offering 50% off (military, teachers and government employees included)
  47. Nike is offering 20% off orders, usable every 30 days.
  48. Rothy’s is offering a one time 50% discount on orders till May 31st
  49. Dagne Dover is offering 20% off orders (military and teachers included)
  50. ENELL is offering 50% off any bras till May 31st (teachers included)
  51. The North Face is offering 50% off orders (anyone working in a hospital, 1st responders, military, police, etc)
  52. Saxx Underwear is giving 30% off orders (sanitation workers, garbage workers, and so many more included)
  53. Under Armour is offering 40% off orders (teachers, military, veterans, etc all included)
  54. Vineyard Vines is offering 15% off orders
  55. Tech 21 is giving a 60% off code to healthcare workers who email Healthcare.hero@tech21.com
  56. Nursing.com has reduced prices by 36% and is offering FREE accounts to students until May 15th
  57. Fresh RN is offering 20% off classes. Select your course, then at checkout pick “special COVID 19 price”
  58. The IV Guy is offering 30% off classes
  59. VOHRA is offering 13 FREE wound care classes
  60. Dollar General is offering 10% off your total purchase
  61. BJ’s Wholesale is offering a FREE 4 month membership
  62. Purple Mattress is offering 10% off orders (includes a lot of people, click the link!)
  63. Emma Mattress is offering an additional 10% off orders
  64. BlanQuil is offering 50% off their weighted blankets (military included)
  65. Karibo is offering 70% off their products with code HEROES
  66. Minted Leaf is offering 70% off their products with code HEROES
  67. LoveSac is offering 40% off your order (military and teachers included)
  68. HELM is offering 50% off their True Wireless 5 Headphones (military included)
  69. Otterbox is offering 40% off their products (includes baristas, stockers, grocery, and many more!)
  70. Theragun is offering up to $250 off their products. (military included)
  71. SmartCells is offering a FREE mat to healthcare workers in Western Washington. Others may use “pain relief” for 25% off orders
  72. Owala is offering 50% off your orders (includes military, firefighters, law, and public service)
  73. BP/Amoco is offering 50 cents off per gallon (up to 20 gallons per code, limit of 2 codes per person)
  74. Airbnb is helping COVID-19 responders by matching you to hosts offering free or discounted, no contact, stays.
  75. Choice Hotels is offering The Choice Cares Discount. Use the specified search bar to find available rooms and rates.
  76. Marriott is offering free (in severly impacted areas) and reduced rooms (nationwide)
  77. Motel 6 is offering 20% off rates (military included)
  78. OYO is offering FREE accommodations for medical responders in the US
  79. Red Roof Inn is offering FREE rooms in limited areas (1 pet included), other locations are offering 20% off
  80. Wyndham Rewards is offering a FREE gold membership (truck drivers, sanitation, grocery workers included)
  81. Mazda is offering healthcare workers FREE oil changes and interior cleaning (any vehicle type/model)
  82. Nation Tire and Battery is offering various discounts depending on service
  83. Caliber Collision is offering contactless pick up and delivery plus helping with deductibles up to $500 & rental car
  84. Tire Kingdom is offering various discounts depending on service
  85. Jet Blue is offering free flights to medical personal, students and non profits.
  86. Lyft is offering unlimited FREE 30 minute scooter & bike usage (in limited cities)
  87. Spin is offering FREE 30 minute scooter use plus helmets (in limited cities)
  88. Sonder is offering a 40% discount on stays 14 or more days
  89. Cherokee & Dickie Brands are donating 12-120 scrubs to units in need.
  90. Covid Rangers is offering FREE masks, face shields and mask holders
  91. Guidefitter is offering discounts for everyone from nurses, teachers, military, fishermen, and many more
  92. Dr. Scholl’s is offering insoles for medical workers (entire unit!)
  93. Headspace is offering FREE access to Headspace Plus
  94. Speeko is giving its mobile app to healthcare workers FREE
  95. Tuft & Needle is offering a 15% discount on their products
  96. Hospitality Helps can find rooms/beds needed for COVID 19 work
  97. Better Vacations is offering FREE and heavily discounted (50% off)homes for medical workers
  98. RV Share is helping first responders in need with an RV stay that is either FREE or below $50
  99. Kinflyte is offering 20% off orders for medical professionals
  100. Nurse Groups offers FREE confidential videoconference groups for nurses
  101. IntelyCare is offering FREE COVID-19 training certification
  102. American Nurses Association is offering a FREE COVID-19 webinar
  103. Talk Space is offering FREE therapy subscriptions to healthcare workers and discounted subscriptions to others
  104. American Association of Crital Care Nurses is offering their eLearning classes for FREE
  105. The Parking Spot is offering FREE parking for nurses at any of their locations until 12th
  106. Cabinet Select is offering 17% off for nurses
  107. Alpine Rings is offering a 15% discount to first responders (military included)
  108. Office Depot partnered with NSNA to offer 15% off both online and in store
  109. Office Max partnered with NSNA to offer deep discounts to all nurses and nursing students
  110. COVE is offering first responders their security system plus 6 months of monitoring for $150 (military and teachers included)
  111. J!NS Is offering 5 randomly selected healthcare workers a day FREE glasses
  112. Preppi is sending a maximum of 2 N95 (or KN95) to hospital workers
  113. Zappos wants to offer a $250 gift card to a hero (open to farmers, mail delivery, and many more)
  114. Bleets is giving 30% off to health care workers with the code HEROES
  115. Big Lots is offering 15% off for first responders and health care workers (military included)
  116. Firestone Complete Auto Care is offering a 50% discount to all essential personel (grocery, military, and delivery workers included)
  117. Gabes is offering a 15% discount to health care and first responders. (military included)
  118. Sketchers is offering a 30% off discount for all essiential workers
  119. Yeti is offering a discount for all health care workers and first responders (includes police, military, etc)
  120. Thornton’s is offering a free coffee or soft drink to first responders
  121. Brooks is giving away FREE shoes on May 13th at 7am for healthcare workers

If you found a deal to add, leave me a comment below. While most of these discounts are nationwide, but be sure to ask your local businesses for discount opportunities as well.

*I have no affiliation with any of these brands and do not receive any compensation for sales or clicks*

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